iGames, Inc., the leading LAN center organization, was founded in 1996 in order to promote and develop the growth of the LAN center industry worldwide.  iGames’ works to establish LAN centers as a driving force supporting the interactive entertainment industry.  iGames has established strong relationships with a wide group of game industry leaders to provide a variety of products, services and programs to support its members, comprised of independent and franchised LAN centers and gamers.

What We Do

The products and services facilitated and/or developed by iGames include:

  • Game community development
  • Business education
  • Business development opportunities
  • Game licenses
  • Product discounts
  • Exclusive game previews/demos
  • Game launch events
  • Tournaments, leagues and LAN parties

iGames Events

From time to time, iGames offers its members game launch events.  iGames works with Publishers to market new game releases at LAN centers. Participating in our game launch events is the most inexpensive way to get new games in your center.  Qualifying members of iGames can participate in the following iGames events:

Casual LAN Center Tournaments

iGames offers sponsored casual LAN Center Tournaments to qualifying centers and utilizes games such as League of Legends, CSGO and Dota 2. Promotional items for tournaments usually include counter signs, giveaways and prizes.  As a part of the benefit of participation, centers offer their customers the opportunity to play in the tournament free of charge.  Centers provide feedback and photographs of the event for reimbursement based on team size.  

Game Beta/Demos

iGames works directly with the publishers to gain access to beta or demo versions of game software before the game is released to the general public. This allows gamers to try the product before the general public, exclusively or semi-exclusively at our member centers. Centers must be aware that the game may not be perfect and may have a few bugs. LAN centers are expected to provide iGames and/or publishers with beta troubleshooting feedback. As a part of the benefit for obtaining the software before the retail release, participating centers agree to allow their customers the opportunity to try the game for one hour free (once per customer), for the duration of the event.

Game Showcases

A Game Showcase typically features a new game title just released into the retail market. Showcases are opportunities for publishers to let the public take their final product for a test drive and most importantly, they provide low cost software for iGames centers. Showcases happen at, or soon after, the initial retail release. iGames arranges with the publisher to provide participating centers with copies of the product. Quantities and items vary from event to event.  Events usually include 1/2 price or free hour of play and swag kits to include publisher branded giveaways.  During certain events, free food and drink for attendees are also provided. 

Launch Parties

Launch Parties are generally held the weekend after the game is released to the public. Gamers are able to experience the game as a group, allowing for large multiplayer LAN action during a three hour party. Centers are able to either run the event independently or bundle it together with their own event, such as an all-nighter, or a lock-in. Some Launch Parties will have special marketing elements (and obligations) such as launch competitions, direct mail advertising, video contests, floor graphics, t-shirts, and hosted refreshments to build player hype so be sure to read the registration page carefully. Game quantities provided to the participating LAN centers and promotional items vary from event to event,

All Launch Party centers must also participate in the Showcase, and must advertise the event on their website, take pictures of the marketing material and of their event, and complete an online survey. Centers that have successfully met these requirements for previous events will have priority in registration for future events. Participating centers may be promoted on the publisher's website and in press announcements about the event.

iGames features new titles each year. On some occasions events are held on short notice, while in other cases there may be delays in the release of a product. iGames works hard to ensure that centers are provided with everything they need to run a successful launch event in a timely manner. However, your cooperation and understanding of the nature of the industry, events and processes are appreciated.

Event Creation and Management

iGames members can utilize the iGames event management tool to create and manage their LAN center events through the community website at  When you create an event, players can register and obtain event information (e.g. how to pay, requirements, fee etc). Your event listing will also show up at and other sites in the future to expand your event's reach.  This is is a great way to promote your events, increase gamer participation and attract new customers.

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