Community Rewards Program (CRP)


Earn Points

Earn points by uploading content, posting in the forums, voting on content and participating in community activities.


Get Rewards & Perks

Gain community levels with your CRP points and receive exclusive rewards and special perks.


Win Prizes!

Use your points to enter weekly sweepstakes for a chance to win prizes including games, gear, electronics and more.

How to Earn ARP

Step #1 is to ALWAYS check your "ARP STATUS" indicator on the bottom right of the screen by clicking on it. Complete the tasks to earn ARP!

Reward Levels

The points that you accumulate will automatically go toward the next level and following rewards. Rewards are cumulative.

sweepstakes.arp.earn.daily_activities_title sweepstakes.arp.earn.points_daily_max
sweepstakes.arp.earn.add_content +1 (5)
sweepstakes.arp.earn.5_content_comment_votes +1 (10)
sweepstakes.arp.earn.5_this_or_that_votes +1 (5)
sweepstakes.arp.earn.admin_issued sweepstakes.arp.earn.points
sweepstakes.arp.earn.featured_post +10
sweepstakes.arp.earn.avatar +10
sweepstakes.arp.earn.contest_entry +5
  • sweepstakes.arp.earn.community_gain.other_members
  • sweepstakes.arp.earn.community_gain.cg_tally
  • sweepstakes.arp.earn.community_gain.high_level_members
  • sweepstakes.arp.earn.community_gain.not_pubically_viewable
  • sweepstakes.arp.earn.community_gain.visual_number
  • sweepstakes.arp.earn.community_gain.raised_cg
  • sweepstakes.arp.earn.community_gain.lower_threshold
    • sweepstakes.arp.earn.community_gain.loss_of_arp
    • sweepstakes.arp.earn.community_gain.minus_ten_arp
    • sweepstakes.arp.earn.community_gain.upvote_poor_content

Rewards are automatic and you will receive an e-mail when you achieve them. Rewards are subject to change.