Hi everyone! I’m going to be helping with the effort to encourage participation in “team based e-sports events” amongst the ever growing number of clubs in our junior high, high schools and colleges.

To get the ball rolling, we would like to set a date of Wednesday 24th October 2016 as the first co-ordinated attempt to bring school clubs together for a LAN.

Assuming we do get good participation then we will then begin to organize tournaments and leagues between the student teams.

If you are a representing a school club, please join the discussion on https://es4e.pldx.com/groups/gg-circuit/ and look to see if there is a LAN center near you. If there is no LAN center near you, you can still participate from any BYOC location with an internet connection.

If you are a LAN center owner, then you can help us promote your services to your local schools and colleges. Please join the discussion at https://lancenters.pldx.com/groups/gg-circuit/ if you are interested in helping with promotion.

The overall goal is to bring students together in a friendly competitive e-sports environment and hopefully to eventually launch nationwide events that can help grow the industry as a whole.

I will post again in the coming weeks with more details.

Happy Gaming!